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between art and fashion

October 2018 — December 2018


Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Molini obtained her Bachelor of Environmental Design from the School of Architecture, University of Puerto Rico. She completed her Master of Architecture at the University of Wisconsin where she obtained the Henry Adams Medal granted by the American Institute of Architects to the most distinguished graduate student. For ten years she worked with locally renowned architects but her interest in drawing and painting led her to complement her profession with visual Arts. Presented solo exhibitions in painting and by the year 2006 she began to experiment with different media including sculpture and art installations. In 2010 she was granted with the “Lexus Award” for her work Los viajeros: cuerpos que albergan las almas, an art installation exhibited in Museo de Puerto Rico in 2011.  Since then, Molini has participated in group and solo exhibitions and continues working in her studio.  Her art has been exhibited in Puerto Rico and abroad.

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