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DIY: Do It Yourself - Halloween Edition

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

New design centric DIY fashion will entertain your closet and yourself by sparkling your inner creativity. With the same purpose of our Concierge Services comes the DIY plan to reinvent and take all of the forgotten pieces in your closet to the next level. There is no right or wrong way to do it, just pick it all up and start.

Halloween 2020 really takes DIY projects to another extent. We took everything in our store and in our homes and brought it all together to create this four looks.

The Glam Disco Gal; using our pink wide leg, the Hand Painted dress with the new Ninetynine for Gustavo Arango “The Tiffany Bag” as a collar.

The 2020 Witch; inspired by the new “accesories” this year has cast upon us. A couture cape with hand sewed gloves, a broom and a hand sanitizer, everything a 2020 witch can need.

The Lady of the Night; with her seductive textiles, a lace placemat as a cover-up, socks from Happy Socks as stylish gloves and ribbons all over her body.

“La Llorona”; a sorrow soul enchanted with fabulous textiles all over her body intertwined with eucaliptic flowers and her heart hanging from her neck with the fabulous heart shaped flower base from La Dolce Vita.

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