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Our global movement is based on the constant search of inspiration and new forms of interpretation within the universal language of art and fashion.

How about finding inspiration in the living, the movement, and manifestation of a style that intertwines a two dimensional work of art between the canvas and humans, between reality and fantasy? Alexa Meade, an American artist, is celebrated for having developed the style of “Living art” defying the concept of depth and transforming humans and spaces into living works of art.

From the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC to the Grand Palais in Paris, an invitation to the White House under President Obama and lectures in TED, Apple and many more in between, Meade has undoubtedly planted a seed of inspiration that transcends to a sense of novelty.

The uniqueness of Meade’s art is perhaps, distinctly represented in the Hand Painted Clothing that leads the continuously evolving and innovative process of our designs. Paintings with different techniques and collaborations with Karina Stella among other local artists embraces the unifying elements that bring the designs to a higher intricacy.


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